mediation Mar 21.png

With Sindy Magner-Pollard

$10 per session


31st March, 7th April & 14th April 2021

7.20pm - 8.20pm


11th April & 18th April 2021

9.30am - 10.30am

Learn how to bring balance into your life with this new series of meditations

Pilates Workshop

Pilates w Dee Mar 21.png

With Dee from The Pilates Obsession

Thursday 22nd April 10am-12pm

$40 per person includes creche and healthy treats

What is Pilates?  Firstly it is not like Yoga or catered for Dancers only.  Pilates was invented in WWI and was designed to improve physical health for injured soldiers.  


The Pilates repertoire is a series of exercises that is designed to improve muscle imbalance, postural alignment and works the body in unison.   It strengthens all muscles of the body with particular focus on the core, torso and pelvis - improving spinal health, hip mobility and pelvic floor.  


This workshop will address the Foundations of Pilates giving you a full understanding of how we benefit from these exercises. We will address each exercise in detail ensuring you have the awareness of what to achieve.  You will definitely feel your muscles working and walk away feeling energised and empowered.


You will also have lots of time to ask questions and enjoy some healthy treats too.  


I hope too see you there!